Kanya Managing Director Visits Thinking Space

Last week, Thinking Space hosted a visit from Kanya’s Managing Director, Andre Mueller.  
After a tour of the new premises, there was cause for celebration as it was announced that Thinking Space are now the fifth largest distributor of Kanya products worldwide. This confirmed a successful year for Thinking Space, having been the eighth largest distributor twelve months ago.  Andre also announced some exciting developments in the Kanya range, with talk of new products, updated literature, further website developments and new software all to be released soon.
Thinking Space Systems Ltd are the sole UK distributor for the Kanya range of aluminium extrusions and accessories. Kanya is a Swiss-based aluminium extrusion manufacturer with representatives in over 20 countries worldwide.  The Kanya build system offers the modern alternative to welded products with its innovative, versatile and robust aluminium extrusions, ideal for use in structural design.  The Kanya connecting system was the first of its kind and allows easy adjustability for modifying and expanding existing builds without additional machining.  
Typical uses include machine guards, work benches, partition walls, test rigs, clean rooms, acoustic guards, display cabinets, sliding doors and assembly tables. For further details please visit our website www.kanya-uk.co.uk

Above: Paul Roberts (left) and Wayne Palmer (right) welcome Kanya Managing Director Andre Mueller (centre) to Thinking Space's new premises

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