New CCTV Control Room Furniture for Bath & NE Somerset Council

Thinking Space have recently installed new furniture in the new CCTV Control Room for Bath & NE Somerset Council, giving its operators an improved working environment.
The project was completed in March and involved the relocation of the existing CCTV control room. Thinking Space was successful in the design, manufacture and installation of a three operator fully automated console desk.  In addition to its automated height adjustment, the desk was fitted with removable vented service panels to the rear of the console, allowing access to cable management and equipment storage void.  
The new CCTV control room also required an Evolution Media Wall; this was designed and manufactured by Thinking Space to give sound ergonomic viewing of two rows of six forty two inch monitors from the desks.  As with all Evolution Media Walls, the cable management is fully integrated, and the screens are tiltable.
Other furniture provided by Thinking Space to complete the CCTV control room relocation were storage units and cupboards, an engineer’s desk and 24/7 chairs. 
As Thinking Space are also the UK distributor for Novus monitor arms and desk accessories, these were supplied and fitted to the console to allow for the mounting of multiple monitors at each workstation.

 Above: the new CCTV control room showing Thinking Space's automated console and Evolution media wall.

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