Thinking Space Sporting Homage

With sporting events in the air today, Thinking Space pay homage and reflect on our own sporting achievements (or not!)
Wayne impressed us all with his openwater swimming earlier in the year - he was actually looking for a lost golf ball and ended up in the drink!

Wayne looking for the lost golfball
Neil, a keen cyclist, did us proud on his biking holiday in Wales.....

Neil cycling

And then he fell off his bike...ouch!
Neil with a few scrapes

Having finished his Evolution Media Wall quota for the day, Piotr resumes his archery practice......
Piotr's spare time archery practice
Whilst we should mention Jason's diving sporting achievements, its got to be his take on the bobsleigh event whilst at our summer social event ...

Jason on a 'bobsleigh' course aka a slide

Not forgetting Paul and Piotr's attempt at curling (I'm sure it wasn't cleaning!)  During our stock take day....

Cleaning stock-take exercise

Finally, Tina created her own gymnastic style event which needed a little push from her friends!

Tina's attempts at gymnastics

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