Control Room Operator Chairs: Focus on the RH Logic 400

Control Room Operator chairs are an important investment in any control room.We focus on the RH 400 model and the benefits it provides in this article.

Never have so many people complained about the aches and pains that accompany sedentary work. The cost of these problems is enormous.  The chair alone is not responsible, but it plays an important part.

Which is why at Thinking Space, as part of the complete ergonomic control room package, we offer a choice of seating, including the market leading RH Logic 400 chair. Suitable for 24/7 use, it is ideal for any control room environment, suiting numerous industries.

The RH Logic 400

The RH Logic 400 takes into account functional design, ergonomics, quality and the environment. Features include breathable natural fibres, lumbar pump, adjustable neck rest and arms.  In addition, a high back ensures it is well suited to different people and working situations and available in different fabrics and options, including a larger seat area.  A neck rest is highly recommended as an accessory, as it supports the neck thereby enhancing relief for the entire body, and it can be adjusted for height and depth.With a 5 year warranty, the RH Logic 400 meets the requirements of BS 5459 Pt 2 as well as and BS EN1335.

Simplicity is the key, as all chair functions and ergonomic features are logical and bear clear instructions.  A user guide can be found on our YouTube channel, giving tips and advice on sitting positions and chair adjustments. Or why not try the interactive user instructions available from RH chairs.

swatches and guides

The latest brochure and colour swatch guide is now available to download on our resources page, along with the recommended care & cleaning guide for after sales. Also look out on our News page for further updates on a new product being launched at the Stockholme Furniture Fair early next year.

try before you buy

Thinking Space offer a free "try before you buy"  service, so that comfort, durability and ease of adjustment can be tested by control room operators before purchasing the chair.  If you would like to arrange a trial or would like a quotation, please contact our sales team..

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