Neil Hosts a Bullseye Special at the Sales Team Social Evening

The regular Sales Team met for their quarterly meeting on Monday joined by new recruit Steve Hooper, with the day rounding off at Wayne's house for a social evening.  Tony impressed us all with his skills as a darts player, (see photo evidence below), whilst Neil pulled out all the stops to host a surprise quiz - Bullseye!

Tony plays darts

Photo Above: Our Kanya Product Specialist, Tony Ferreira, proves his skills on the dartboard
Accompanied with cheesy one liners well know from the 80's gameshow, we played an entertaining quiz, competing for the top 10 prizes of chocolate bars. Sadly, we could only " look at what you could have won" as "Bully's special prize", a family sized dairy milk bar, remained unclaimed. However, some of us made it home with the Neil's take on a "bendy bully", a packet of wine gums, it was a great way to round off the evening, and Neil ensured that we "couldn't beat a bit of bully"!

Sales team social evening - November 2012

Photo above: The Thinking Space Sales Team "do" Bullseye.
Left to right: Wayne Palmer, Jason Gregory, Suzanne Pinchin, Tony Ferreira, Neil Walker, Paul Roberts and Steve Hooper

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