Neil Buries the Hatchet and Gets to the Point

Neil is currently in his second day of exhibiting at the annual AUCSO conference, being held at the University of Roehampton.  Last night, the popular event hosted lawn games, and of course, Neil was more than keen to take part.
A round of archery, followed by axe throwing took place, with Neil giving it his all. In addition, the little known game of geese herding was an experience for all.
So, how did Neil get on?

Neil tries archery at Aucso 2014

Taking aim...

Neil tries axe throwing

Taking aim again...

Neil tries axe throwing with a target shot

...was this Neil's near-bullseye?

Neil tries geese herding at Aucso 2014

A spot of geese herding at AUCSO 2014

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