NEW Special solutions spotlight: water meter equipment pod

Thinking Space Systems brings a new feature to the news page this month; Special Solutions Spotlight. With the versatility of the Core Assembly System, combined with the other products represented and manufactured by the company, our aim is to show you the extent of the design and engineering capabilities we offer – anything is possible!

This month, our focus is on a requirement to provide a standalone housing for a water meter (see photo).  With the aim being to create an aesthetic solution for the equipment mounting, the pod was manufactured using the Core Assembly System as it's framework.  In addition, the Evolution media wall aluminium extrusion system and Kanya aluminium profiles were also used to create the structure to fit the clients' equipment panel.  Thinking Space’s own cladding system, an aluminium/PVC composite panel, finishes the pod in slate grey and matches in with the new control room furniture also provided.  

Above: Thinking Space Systems manufacture a water meter equipment pod

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