Control Room Furniture for New Glasgow Operations Centre

 Thinking Space Systems have recently installed control room furniture in what is now the biggest control room in the UK. The new state of the art CCTV control centre in Glasgow links Public Space CCTV, Traffcom, The Council’s Resilience & Safety Team and Police Scotland together.  The centre  will be responsible for keeping the city operational and safe in time for the Commonwealth games this summer.
The new centre at Eastgate was officially opened in February by Councillor Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council.  The control room now accommodates more than 1000 screens with 24 operator positions for control room staff monitoring the city 24/7. The project is part of the £24m Future Cities Glasgow programme, which was won by Glasgow City Council in January 2013.  Its aim is to show how technology can be used to make life smarter, safer and more sustainable. 
Thinking Space were awarded the contract to provide a number of consoles with underscript LED lighting and with one being height adjustable, to accommodate the numbers of operatives.  In particular, a sweeping curve console to accommodate 4 operators was required to fit within the room space, designed by architects IBI Group.  
Thinking Space also provided each operator position with Novus monitor mounts.  A total of 85 Novus Folding Arms were deployed on the project. 

Download our case study here
Watch our case study video here


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