New Moni-Trak installation for ATC console

Thinking Space Systems have just completed the manufacture of their first Moni-Trak installation for a leading ATC client.  The new perfect positioning rail has been developed by Thinking Space due to demand for clients to locate their monitors at any point along the length of the desk. The product was launched back in the summer at the IFSEC London exhibition, where the Thinking Space sales team gave a demonstration of the new Moni-Trak fitted to a security console. The concept of the Moni-Trak is that it provides the flexibility to position a number of column supports along the length of the desk, and then reposition them at any time. No holes to drill into the worktop and then hide when your requirements change!  It is completely customisable, as the column can support monitor mounts, keyboard holders, tablets, or any customised equipment mounting. It is suitable for all Thinking Space consoles whatever the application, whether a single operator, or multiple operator curved console, as the Moni-Trak can even turn orders, following the shape of the desk. The Moni-Trak is installed by inserting an aluminium rail into the worktop of the desk so that it provides a seamless, aesthetic look to complement and enhance the desk.  A brush strip is fitted to the rail to hide any cables efficiently. Managing Director Wayne Palmer commented “at Thinking Space, we pride ourselves in providing engineered solutions from the wealth of skills and knowledge developed within the company. The Moni-Trak is just one illustration of where we listened to our customer’s issues and then provided the solution.” With a positive response to the new Moni-Trak at the clients factory inspection visit, the ATC console will be installed shortly at Heathrow. Above: Thinking Space Systems' 3D render of the ATC console with Moni-Trak and monitor mounting accessories Below: The ATC console nearing completion at the factory Watch the Moni-Trak demonstration video here, and for further information, please get in touch with us.   

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