Thinking Space Control Room Sets the Scene for Latest Blockbuster movie

Latest Mission Impossible blockbuster film, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, features a scene set at Hampshire’s’ Fawley Power Station, where Thinking Space Systems installed control room furniture in 2010 and 2013.
The latest high-octane film in the series is currently pulling in viewers grossing £90.5 million with it’s’ death defying stunts and gritty storyline.  Last October, Fawley residents saw movie makers descend on the local community and complete scenes within the power station.  Based there for around a month, the film was shot in the facility with its circular control room and turbine hall big enough to house two cruise ships, in around 8 minutes-worth of footage.
Back in 2010, Thinking Space installed control room furniture in the main Power Station control room and visitor reception area for clients’ RWE Npower.  Then again, in 2013, more control room consoles were required to equip the facility for its role as a STOR (short term operating reserve) to the National Grid.
Last year, Thinking Space returned to the site to undertake a video photo shoot of the current control room furniture. Much like the movie makers must have found, Fawley Power Station is an interesting location, steeped in 1960’s history with an impressive industrial design.  The control room furniture makes an ideal case study for Thinking Space, their answer to process control environments, where 24/7 comfort and equipment accommodation is of prime importance proving that nothing is impossible!

Watch the Fawley Power Station control room furniture video here 

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