New recruits at Thinking Space

Over the last nine months, Thinking Space have welcomed six new employees to the team.  Firstly, new to the workshop team came Callum Ranger and more recently Luis Cuevas who have joined us to manufacture our Core Assembly System furniture and assist with Kanya orders.
New designers Patrick Manuel and Antonio Fernandez joined us at the beginning of the year. Their first task was to complete an intensive training induction in the workshop before heading to the design office and are now completing Autocad Inventor drawings as proposals and manufacturing drawings.
Emma Renyard joined us back in the summer as our new HR Adviser, no doubt her first task being to recruit!
Finally, last month, we welcomed Nigel Brookes to the team. Nigel is our new Productions Manager, who will be keeping the factory running smoothly.  Amrit Ragi has also joined us as the new sales administrator, and will be taking your phone calls right now!
We welcome all our new staff as we continue to grow as a company, much like our budding sunflower outside.

Callum Ranger Emma Renyard Luis Cuevas Nigel Brookes Patrick Manuel

Above from top: our new recruits Callum, Luis, Emma, Antonio, Patrick, Nigel and Amrit.

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