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Thinking Space Control Room Consoles Feature in QinetiQ's "At Sea Demonstration” Video

Thinking Space Systems recently supplied and installed control room consoles to MOD Hebrides, the range operated by clients' QinetiQ. The console installation is featured in QinetiQ’s film explaining the recent "At Sea Demonstration” (ASD15), where the consoles were required to support the event.

During October 2015, the Maritime Theatre Defence Forum, made up of 10 nations, came together to demonstrate the capabilities of Allied at sea defence against anti-ship and ballistic missile threats, at and around the MOD Hebrides range in the UK. The demonstration covered 40 separate events, including the launch of 4 ballistic missile targets, 1 exo atmospheric intercept, 11 cruise missile targets flown and 9 surface to air missiles fired. All in and around Mod Hebrides.

ASD15 was funded collectively by the 10 nations but with additional investment in the UK to provide permanent capabilities at MOD Hebrides. As well as new launch systems, upgrades to facilities and equipment were required, with Thinking Space Systems being awarded the contract to supply and install control room consoles to support the international teams.

A number of firsts were created from the event, including the first object launched into space from UK soil.

You can watch the video here including a time lapse of the control room consoles being installed and learn more about ASD15.

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