The Benefits of Branding Your Control Room

A typical employee spends most of their waking hours at work.This is more so true for control room operators, working longer shifts and in teams to constantly absorb information about the environment they are controlling and take appropriate action. A demanding job, where the "human factor" is just as important as the technical and equipment requirements in achieving the objectives of a control room.

A branded workspace is a great way for an organisation to address the “human factor”, demonstrating an investment in it’s’ people and by aligning this to the company's core values. It serves as a continual reminder to staff that we are all here with a sense of purpose, that we are here to achieve a common goal. It can create a strong sense of community, essential when working in teams in 24/7 environments. If communicated well, it can evoke feelings of pride and belonging, it will attract high quality staff, build loyalty, motivate and inspire. Performance is optimised, fewer mistakes are made, employees are happy and their health and wellbeing is preserved.

At Thinking Space Systems, we are committed to improving working environments and understand the human factor when designing control rooms.  We can provide you with the tools to help you emphasise your brand in the workplace. Our control room consoles can be colour matched to your brand guidelines, with a wide choice of textures and finishes available. Control rooms can be adorned with logos on walls using signage, serving as a constant reminder of the organisations investment in its workspace. Our console curved end panel design lends itself to branding with logos as well as 24/7 chairs with embroidered logos. Even underscript led lighting in branding-appropriate colours can add to the ambience of the room, illuminating a feel-good glow.

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