Thinking Space Systems Announce Annual Charity Focus

In a bid to give something back to the community, Thinking Space have embarked on an annual  fundraising initiative.  Their chosen charity for this year is RYC, Romsey Young Carers.

RYC (Romsey Young Carers) is a registered charity operating in Romsey and Southern Test Valley supporting young carers.  These young carers would be under 18 years of age who are affected by the caring responsibility within their lives.

This could be caring for a family member with a long term illness, disability or experiencing drug or alcohol misuse. The impact of being a young carer is profound and wide ranging and is not always noticed.   Young carers may be doing many different practical and emotional tasks such as helping a disabled parent get up in the morning, looking after younger siblings, housework, shopping or just supporting other family members.

The project is run by a small team of four staff and relies heavily on volunteers who help with transport, at clubs and outings as well as befrienders to some of their most vulnerable young carers who need some time on their own away from their family situation. Not only does this help the young carers but their families are offered support too. As one parent explained “It gives me a break - when my daughter is doing an activity with young carers I know she is having a good time and I can stop feeling guilty about not having the time to give her attention because of the continuous care my disabled son needs”.

Thinking Space will be undertaking a number of activities in a bid to raise funds to purchase tents and equipment which are required when the young carers attend special events where they can meet others in similar situations and gain experiences to enrich their lives. For the third year running, a team of 10 will be taking part in the Romsey Relay Marathon, a popular event, which so far reports to have over  80 teams entering. Each person completes two laps of the Broadlands Estate course, totalling 2.6 miles, to achieve a marathon as a team “10Novus”.

Last year, Thinking Space were successful in raising over £1000 to help a former colleague’s daughter Lexie Cooper-Barnes.  Lexie (now 9) is diagnosed with quadriplegic athetoid cerebral palsy and the funds have allowed the family to purchase software and accessories to control her home environment, benefitting not just Lexie, but the family as a whole.

The Romsey Relay Marathon will be held on Sunday 17th April, and the company will report on the event at various stages on their company blog and social media.  Their fundraising page can be found at .

Other initiatives are planned throughout the year for the company with updates reported on the company blog.  So far confirmed is a “Bake Off” challenge for the less sporty amongst the staff.  Twelve will be competing against each other in April, in a bid to make the best cakes with a Thinking Space theme.

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