The Great TSS Bake-off - heat 1

The Great TSS Bake-off - heat 1

Our Thinking Space bake-off has hit the ground running this week, with the amount of hidden talent surprising even the most cynical of staff here…

Monday saw Wayne, Alastair, James and Tina create, respectively, cakes of Spanish Orange Marmalade, Red Velvet, Victoria Sponge, and even a 3-tiered Chocolate and Victoria Sponge cake with buttercream icing – yum!

The proudly chosen theme of ‘Thinking Space’ was represented through a variety of means, with one relating to Kanya, another emphasising TSS through the creation of a console (with Novus arms too!) and the remaining two focusing on portraying Thinking Space on a global scale.

Fundraising update

Above: the judges deliberate!

In the end though, the cake that focused on global domination seemed to dominate all others, congratulations Tina!
We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and look forward to next week, where we hope we can continue to raise money for our charity Romsey Young Carers. It’s time to turn up the heat Thinking Space; let’s get cooking for round 2...


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