The Great TSS Bake-Off – heat 2

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Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better… it did!

This week, we were introduced to space-themed cakes, family cakes, flower cakes and even cupcakes by our 4 contestants – Neil, Nigel, Emma and Suzanne.

Neil’s spacey cake was full of chocolatey goodness, competing for the title with a two layer chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream frosting that was connected to the theme through the use of objects related to the words ‘thinking’ and ‘space’. Neil even created a timelapse video of him making his creation!

This was challenged by Nigel with his own vanilla buttercream frosting, on a refreshing carrot cake that was armed with little red soldiers that represented the family-like atmosphere that we hope that everyone who works here and who visits us, gets a taste of.

Emma took the decorating up a notch by creatively using our company sunflower as inspiration and constructed a flowerpot made of a two-tier Victoria sponge and crumbed chocolate for realistic ‘dirt’.

A baker of flavour was Suzanne – creating a range of cupcakes which were based upon the drinks available from our company vending machine i.e. Cappuccino cupcakes made from coffee & chocolate chips, teacups filled with Earl Grey cupcakes and topped with lemon frosting, as well as hot chocolate cakes and our starburst orange drink.

However, we are a vain bunch and looks come first… so our winner for Heat 2 is Emma! Congratulations Emma, time to start preparing for the final round in 2 weeks…


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