RH Logic 400 control room chair

Are You Sitting Comfortably? A Closer Look at Control Room Chairs

It’s something we take for granted every day, but in a control room operating 24/7, the right seating is of paramount importance to its operators. That is why Thinking Space Systems recommend two ergonomic chair solutions for your control room, the Mesh Ergohuman chair and the RH Logic 400.

RH Logic 400 research and studies

A recent study on the RH Logic 400 chair conducted in Sweden by Chalmers University of Technology and Ergonomhuset in Gothenburg, found that both health and performance improve when the chair is used on a daily basis, by up to 70%.  A further 75% improvement in overall working technique was also recorded.

The test, conducted with 48 full time computer operators over a period of 5 weeks, found that in using the RH Logic 400, users found a reduction by 50% in physical strain of the neck and shoulders after only a few weeks. These results were obtained from the testers filling out a questionnaire each week, balanced against a control group of 36 using their existing office chairs. One third of the participants felt that the load in the lower back decreased during the period.

Download the Chalmers Study report pdf here.

Benefits of using RH Logic 400 control room chairs

The benefits for employers are clear.  Reduced sickness and medical visits due to staff taking time off due to work-related ailments, as well as improved efficiency reported by the increase in comfort and working techniques. In addition, the RH Logic 400 is easy to use and maintain.  It is recommended that users adjust their chairs using the controls on a daily basis, in order to support the body’s natural sitting behaviour. In order to move the body during sitting, the tilting function of the chair should be used.  A comprehensive instruction video on using and adjusting the chair can be found here.

The RH Logic 400 chair is designed to be used all day long, and is extra comfortable and durable, with lumbar pump functionality and a 5 year warranty. With a hardwearing fabric available in a variety of colours, it is tested and approved to EU standards (EN 1335:2009 for 24 hr chairs).  All fabric areas can be replaced and seat and back pads can be purchased by the user when needed, giving the chairs extra life.

Mesh Ergohuman control room chairs

Others may prefer the extra airflow offered by the Mesh Ergo human chair when sharing seating in control rooms with other operators. Covered with a mesh fabric in a choice of colours, the chair offers a 2 year warranty and is fully adjustable.

Further information

Visit our accessories page, Get in touch with us for advice or a quotation or download the Chalmers Study here.

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