The Great TSS Bake-off - heat 3

The Great TSS Bake-off - heat 3

And the buzzer has been sounded! The third heat of our Thinking Space themed bake-off is now done and dusted, with 4 more delicious cakes well on their way to being devoured!

As we pushed our now very high expectations onto the shoulders of Paul R, Paul A, Sam and Steve, they rose to the challenge of a multi-faceted competition this week facing off our very first workshop representative - Steve. Steve hit the ground running by handing over a 3 tiered sponge in distinct colours of blue, cream and orange, separated by buttercream frosting and sporting the Thinking Space logo on top.  Similarly, yet very creatively, Sam tried his hand at recreating our logo – but with strawberries instead! He created a fresh cream filled 2 layer sponge, topped with strawberries and filled with his very own homemade raspberry jam, adding a little bit of healthiness into a world of sugar. And what about that apron?

The remaining two opponents – our directors! - met in a clash of leadership and created two very different sweet treats that put the judges in a very sticky situation… whether to go with their taste buds or their boss! Paul R’s lemon meringue lacked a little decoration but made up for it in flavour with a zesty filling and biscuit base, and who could compare with the comedy element…how many different hats did Paul wear as he prepared his offering? Whilst Paul A did what he does best and built a console of the highest quality… in red velvet.

And it’s the quality of our consoles which comes first… awarding the blue icing covered red velvet cake winner of heat 3! Well done Paul, time to put your thinking cap back on!

But, before you worry about us having cake-withdrawals and having to deal with the associated effects of a lack of copious amounts of sugar, more cake awaits! Our remote staff take on the challenge next Tuesday, as they travel to HQ to attend our quarterly Sales Meeting, bringing with them a masterpiece to challenge all others so far!

Good luck everyone, the pressure is on…


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