The Great TSS Bake-off WINNER!

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The beginning of the end finally arrived…

The final round of the bake-off took place on Tuesday, allowing the heat winners a little bit of time to plan and an extra-long weekend to prepare. The three heat winners, Tina, Emma and Paul, had been mulling over the ideas and were raring to go… and maybe, just maybe, ready to get it over with after so many weeks!

The theme was still all things related to Thinking Space, and in honour of his true passion, Paul stuck with building a robust console made of solid chocolate with very realistic accessories of monitors, a keyboard and even a little mouse! The finishing touch of nosing around the edges was carefully done by hand, as was the yellow iced lettering on the front, declaring it fit for the Bake-off. The red velvet cake received high marks for moistness and flavour but unfortunately, the judges marked him down for a little lack of creativity in his design, ouch!

Emma on the other hand took a tiny leaf out of Paul’s book with her theme relating to the weekly fruit we receive, similarly to Paul’s lemon meringue in heat 3… though Emma’s cake had a little bit more relevance! Emma created a white sponge covered in white icing and topped with marzipan bananas, apples, oranges and plums that very closely resembled real versions of the items. The finishing touch was a plaque with the logo of Romsey Young Carers on the front, reminding us all of the motivation behind the bake-off in the first place.

The third and final contestant was Tina’s core extrusion-related 5 piece offering, that had both originality in design and tastefulness in flavour with a cherry and coconut base in the cake and topped with 4 tasty waffles. The core extrusion logo was added to the top of the rectangular cake which was wrapped in icing coloured in the trademark silver of Thinking Space, and real-life extrusion shapes were hand-drawn onto each individual waffle. Tina also took the time to put a little creativity into her pictures by making sure a sneaky yellow minion was hiding in every… single…one!

So as we all waited with bated breath who would be crowned the winner of the Great Thinking Space bake-off… the points tally finally came in and the winner, by a single point, was EMMA! Congratulations Emma, you are now officially the best baker in all of Thinking Space, a title not many (or any!) has held before!

Thank you to all the bakers for their hard work and the yummy cakes, we’ll get back to you with our fundraising total shortly! If you’d like to donate to our charity, Romsey Young Carers, please visit our justgiving page.


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