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Thinking Space Systems are pleased to introduce the latest addition to their collection of informative videos, “Cable Management Solutions for your Console”.

We understand the need to create a professional finish and tidy working environment whilst being practical. Therefore, the video has been created as an animation by one of our in-house designers, and demonstrates how a Thinking Space console has been specifically designed to consider cabling and routing of equipment within and around it.

Focusing on the back of a Thinking Space console, the cable management void within the desk can be accessed by easily removing the push catch panels. There are no bulkheads limiting access or cable runs as the void is an open space from left to right throughout the width of the desk.

Within the void are a series of cable management baskets which are installed as standard. These baskets can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally, giving you the flexibility to accommodate your equipment. Vertically mounted cable trays are an ideal solution to managing your cabling from the floor up to the equipment on the worktop.

The open floor of the console means that cabling can be brought through from below, from cable grommits or floor boxes. Power distribution units can be fitted into the void, which are either mounted onto the base or vertically into the extrusions.  There is plenty of space available for PC towers to be located in the rear of the desk if required, all easily accessible. Additionally dado trunking can be fitted for a fully enclosed data and electrical solution.

As the cables rise to the desk surface from the cable tray, the Moni-Trak system with integrated brush strips allows the cabling to feed the multiple monitors mounted on the desk, with cable clips on the column mounts, ensuring a tidy finish.

For height adjustable consoles, caterpillar track cable management is provided. Cables are routed from the cable trays through to the caterpillar track. This is designed to avoid the snagging of cables during the desk movement and ensures cables are not put under any stresses, thereby keeping them safe and presentable.


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