The Advantages of Height Adjustable Consoles

The “sit-stand” debate is one of the biggest questions that is influencing furniture design currently, with plenty of research delving into the health issues found when sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Research and studies

One study, conducted by the University of Sydney, found that when workers increased their standing by up to 60-90 minutes a day, they were more active and felt more energised than workers who were sat at traditional desks.  Likewise, a study undertaken by the CDC, also known as Take-a-Stand project, found that sit-stand desks were shown to reduce upper back and neck pain, as well as improving mood and productivity.

In control room environments, operators are working longer shift patterns and often in stressful and intensive situations. For an operator to perform their role effectively, they must be comfortable and in control of their surroundings. After all, we are all different, so why shouldn’t we be able to adapt our working environment accordingly?

The benefits of height adjustable consoles

Height adjustable consoles not only allow the operator the chance to alter the height for their own comfort, they can also practice sit-stand working, where studies have shown the benefits to health are :-

  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Improving moods
  • Reduces stress
  • Improving alertness
  • Reduces muscle tension and fatigue
  • Improving reach area so less likely to overstretch and cause injury
  • Strengthening core muscles

However, the important factor is that movement is key. Standing for long periods is not good for us, so a correct posture with movement as well as the correct footwear must be considered.

Electric height adjustable consoles

At Thinking Space Systems, all our technical furniture designs are specifically created with the operator in mind, with each piece of technical furniture custom designed to your requirements.

We can provide electric height adjustment on control room consoles which not only meet DDA regulations but also allows each operator control over the height of the working area giving them freedom of choice for sit/stand working routines. At a touch of a button, the height of their desk can be adjusted smoothly, with an anti-collision mechanism which prevents the entrapment of fingers etc.

Design options from Thinking Space

Our custom designed consoles can also accommodate various options for adjusting your worktop height:

    • complete desk actuation so that the whole desk surface can be raised and lowered
    • partial desk actuation where the front section can be raised and lowered, leaving the rear section static
    • partial desk actuation for multi-operator consoles, where the front section of each operators' working area can be adjusted
    • seperate front and rear worktop height adjustment, ideal where sight lines are critical

Cable management

Cable management is taken care of too, with caterpillar tracks which take all cabling from the cable baskets and up to the desk surface safely.  This ensures cables are not put under any stresses and avoids entanglement, which could damage the cables and deem them unsafe.
Individually controlled height adjustment.

As well as a control pad on the worktop which is easy to use with programmable memory settings, you are now able to control the height of your desk with remote and desktop software, ideal for individual operators. The desktop programme software can be installed on your PC or Mac and contains the typical desk panel features such as raise and lower, and up to 3 pre-set memory positions, all controllable from your computer. In addition, pop up boxes remind you to adjust your desk, counting the standing time as well as calories burned. You have full control over the intervals so that your routine is specific to you. A recent addition is the launch of an app, currently available for the iPad and iPhone, which gives each operator control over their desk remotely.

How to incorporate sit/stand working practices into your day

The most important thing is to vary your position and move around, preferably three times an hour. Instead of sitting for too long at a time, you can switch between standing and sitting position, and remember, good posture is important too. Your body weight should be evenly distributed on both legs.

Read our 5 tips to incorporate sit-stand working into your daily routine:

5 tips for sit-stand working routines

See our demonstration

Visit our stand H1070 at IFSEC International from 21st to 23rd June, where we will be demonstrating an electric height adjustable console and our specialist sales team will be on hand to show you its advantages over traditional consoles.  They will also be demonstrating the desktop programme software as well as the app for the iPad.

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