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After a magnificent sunflower was grown in front of our premises last summer, the seeds were collected and frozen over the cold, harsh winter to allow the tradition to continue – only this year, we’re doing things a little bit differently.

Continuing with our fundraising efforts that began with the Bake-off and Relay Marathon back in April, our next event is a sunflower growing competition.  Staff have been given the opportunity to show off their green fingers by buying seeds and small paper pots with the proceeds going to our chosen charity, Romsey Young Carers. After receiving advice from our reigning champion of sunflower-growers, we allowed the seeds to germinate within the pots in a warm, sunny location before transferring the seedlings to a patch of earth outside HQ where they could be measured and judged by all.

There have been many trials along the way – such as slug attacks and plant decapitation! Finally now, a few seedlings have made it to HQ, joining the originally planted specimen. With the next step now being to give a little TLC – and water – we wait and wish everyone good luck over the next few months to see whose plant grows the tallest.… and claim the champagne prize!


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