pauls football league win 2016

Paul basks in glory

Last weekend, Paul attended a long awaited awards ceremony with his fellow football teammates after they claimed their  first place ranking in the Andover and Winchester Football league.

Paul has played in and managed the football team for many a year, with their confident victory coming from 14 wins and 2 draws in the games played throughout the cold, slippery winter months. A veteran team in some respects, this season marked the end of an era for some of the players, who chose to retire with their heads held high after 20 years on the squad, with Paul being one of them.

The team were presented with a trophy by the League Chairman and stand-out players received individual awards for their role. The trophy will remain in the team’s local pub, where Paul will be able to bask in the glory of job well done.

With all of the disappointment of the Euro’s, at least we have one team we can count on… Congratulations Paul!

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