Our 10 Year Service Award celebrations

Our 10 Year Service Award celebrations

We are celebrating this July, as over the past few months, we have seen a few of our Thinking Space employees turn 10… well, see in their 10th year of employment at Thinking Space.

On Wednesday, we all congregated in the staff canteen for our regular company team meeting, but this month the meeting had a very special addition to its agenda.  Our Managing Director Wayne Palmer arranged a presentation to congratulate and thank the four staff members who have been employed here from its near-infancy. Tina Dawkins, Paul Roberts, Roger Keith and Alastair Bark all received their 10 year service awards.

After a brief speech by Wayne, the four received their 10 year service awards and a photo card, which was signed by all staff as a keepsake to look back on. Each recipient was given the opportunity to reminisce, delighting the rest of the team with stories including how they came to work at Thinking Space and the early days when the company worked from “The Barns” at Fishers Pond. They reminded each other of some of the wildlife they had to endure during the early days, with Max the Bull in the next field, as well as a resident frog in the office!

Roger was also presented with a recognition award and present from our Kanya colleagues in Switzerland, as a token of their appreciation for the contribution he has made to the growth of Kanya in the UK.

Diverse job roles crossed the bunch, with a Thinking Space and Kanya representative as well as staff from both the Accounts and Design Departments. Our Accounts Manager, Tina, has been key in ensuring the company is able to run financially whilst the product knowledge of Alastair, Paul and Roger have ensured the company is able to create, sell and distribute (respectively) our current range of products.

Finally, we rounded off the celebrations with a photo shoot, in typical Thinking Space style, and a round of applause.


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