All was well at Marwell!

All was well at Marwell!

An eagerly awaited July 10th passed by this weekend, bringing with it the annual ‘Family Funday’ for all Thinking Space employees, family and friends.
This year’s event was held at Marwell Zoo, with an introductory speech by Wayne Palmer kicking things off as he outlined the plans for the day. With lots of different events planned, the day was off to a slightly drizzly but exciting start!

A treasure hunt was up first; setup around the 140 acre land, it was a feat to find the small Thinking Space branded whiteboards placed next to specific animal enclosures to subtly hint at the International theme. With a free family pass for Marwell Zoo as the prize, Wayne asked a volunteer to pick the winning name out of the hat, who crowned Sam as the lucky recipient.

Throughout the day were two bird shows, which featured rescued animals taken care of by Liberty's Owl Raptor & Reptile Centre.  The birds were brought to Marwell especially for the performance, with the Perlin stunning us all with the amount of speed it picked up when it whizzed past us and the American eagle soaring with its large wings.

We watched bird shows and all kinds of animals – giraffes, zebras, tigers, snow leopards, monkeys, and more! Marwell Hall was open to Thinking Space guests as an area of congregation and even better, somewhere to eat lunch. The BBQ style buffet had plenty of food for the many hungry tummies, with burgers, sausages, chicken and a whole range of side salads. And before the kids could ask, there was even ice cream for dessert, with 4 flavours to choose from!

The day as a whole was a giant success, with guests enjoying themselves thoroughly and thanking Wayne Palmer for an excellent event. We appreciate the hard work our staff put in and the day served as a thank you to staff for another great year.


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