summer holidays 2016 neils ice cream

The summer holidays…good weather, ice-creams...and beanie hats?

Whilst some of us remain at Thinking Space HQ holding the fort, others have been off for their summer holidays enjoying the good weather all over the continent – with employees visiting Tenerife, Portugal and France.

Keeping those left at HQ quiet, a recently introduced but now-regular Friday afternoon event is the ice-cream round. Real ice-cream… 99’s, with sauce and a flake, and from an ice-cream van!

So, Neil took an opportunity whilst on his summer holiday recently to send us all a picture of his “Friday afternoon ice-cream”, a celebratory double scoop Pistachio and Apricot ice cream. Yes, it beat our 99's hands down, but after completing a 104.5 mile bike ride to gain it however, we think he deserved it!

Neil, pictured above, also took on this holidays his Thinking Space beanie hat, brought along on the trip to beat his colleague Jason’s holiday picture taken wearing the garment earlier in June.  As the current record holder for the furthest south shot of a Thinking Space hat, Neil is going all out to protect his lead… but where will the Thinking Space beanie hat make an appearance next? Watch this space….

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