forklift training 2016

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This week, three members of the production team have been undertaking forklift training. They are looking to be certified in safely moving goods and materials around the factory.

Byron, Luke and Steve started their training on Monday. First up was a presentation which explained the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of operating the forklift. After successfully completing a test, they progressed to the next stage of the training – the practical.

The practical allowed the staff to understand the spatial elements required. The instructor explained how every factory can be a busy place and an awareness of the hazards surrounding the forklift is vital. As the staff got to grips with using the machine, this became their second test. Under scrutiny of the instructor,  their use of the forklift throughout the course of the day determined whether he would give each of them a ‘pass’ mark at the end of it all.

However, the staff proved their learning ability by passing with flying colours! All three are now certified forklift operators for the next 2 years. Congratulations Byron, Luke and Steve.

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