piotr wedding celebration presentation

Let the wedding celebrations commence!

With Piotr’s wedding date drawing nearer, last Friday signified the last day of work for the almost-newlywed, before he prepares to tie the knot and continue his wedding celebrations.

An extra special day for the man of honour, Piotr celebrated both his birthday and his last day at work with an informal staff meeting. All three departments attended, keen to let the wedding celebrations commence. In a short speech, Nigel wished the couple all the best of luck, before presenting Piotr with a card signed by all and a small bag of gifts for both the groom and his bride.

Piotr holds the title of “second wedding of the year” here at Thinking Space. We eagerly add to the ever-expanding Thinking Space family, which has already seen both new partners and children alike join the crew this year.

Congratulations Piotr, we hope that the day is everything you could wish for, and so much more…

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