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Decking out the design office

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We’ve been decking out the design office here at HQ lately, with a re-shuffling around of furniture.  But why? Well, we need to make room for a brand new custom designed height adjustable desk for Nigel and Izzy.

Last year, we created a bespoke piece for Patrick and Darren in the design proposals office. The latest addition of specialised technical furniture takes the design one step further.  Each have their own individual actuation, which will enable Izzy and Nigel to set the height of the console to their own personal preference. They can do this using either the manual controls on the worktop or via Bluetooth connectivity on mobile and desktop devices, as outlined in “controlling your workspace at IFSEC 2016”.

“ The advantages of height adjustable consoles” demonstrated the positive benefits of sit-stand working by undertaking regular intervals stood at a desk, especially when working for long periods of time. With this being the primary motivation for the workstation, other key features such as storage trays have also been added to ensure space is maximised within the area without hindering the movement of the actuation.

We hope Izzy and Nigel enjoy their new desk, we’ve definitely improved their working environment!

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