Hat's off to our latest venture...

We have an exciting announcement to make...

Yes, it's hat's off to our latest venture, a new in-house competition looms, but this time we need your help.

Introducing the "Beanie Hat Challenge",  where staff have been asked to take the most creative or unusual photo of themselves wearing their Thinking Space beanie hat.

This little bit of fun was started by our sales team. After every employee received a branded beanie hat last Easter, the challenge was suggested by Jason when he travelled to the Orkney Islands during winter and took a ‘gimmicky’ picture wearing his hat. Boasting he had had a picture taken with his hat "the farthest north", Jason enjoyed his moment of glory for the next month, bragging about his achievement.

However, not one to be outdone, Neil then decided to join in on the fun by taking his Thinking Space beanie hat on his summer holiday in France, snapping himself eating ice cream after a long bike ride and announcing he was winning due to having the ‘most southern picture’

Continuing the friendly rivalry, Wayne soon joined in the fun with a selfie on a yacht in the English Channel (Wayne's mad dash to France), just off the coast of France and technically in ‘international waters’ too – making it a close fight for 1st and 2nd.

So with a lot of fun already had, we decided to make it a fully-fledged, company-wide contest!

To get involved, all staff have to do is take a selfie with their Thinking Space beanie hat in an usual location.  All photos will then be added to this blog and be available to be voted on by you, our website visitors. Our winner will be crowned at our company christmas party in December.

So get involved! Here are the entries so far…

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