Employee of the Month for August 2016

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Piotr has been awarded Employee of the Month for August 2016, rounding off an impressive few weeks for a very busy man who has been not only been congratulated for his efficient work, but also passed a huge milestone in his life by tying the knot!

Conscious of the shortened month he was due to spend at work during August, Piotr was able to demonstrate his use of forward thinking and good time management skills by creating a series of template files for CNC programming. Despite the initial input of time required to create the templates, trials found that this provided around a 30% time saving whilst using the programming software, indicating its long term value.

Exceling within his role in production planning, Piotr has shown that he is able to make positive decisions for not only himself but the entire design department. Thank you for your hard work and for being a team player Piotr.

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