Height adjustable consoles for Cleveland Fire Brigade

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The “ wow factor” was certainly achieved when Thinking Space recently provided five height adjustable consoles for Cleveland Fire Brigade control room. Housed in a brand new facility, the new consoles have received a warm welcome from staff. As well as the ability to control the height of each desk individually, customised small drawer sets are provided so that leg room is not compromised over storage space. As well as curved end panels bearing the Cleveland Fire Brigade emblem, flame-shaped ventilation grilles are provided in the rear of each console. With the clever use of red lighting, a flame-effect greets visitors when they first enter the control room.

“The control room staff adore their new desks and surroundings. When I enter the control room now, I am met with a very satisfied workforce, and several of the staff have personally thanked me for the new facilities. It is a control room we all feel proud of, it has definitely improved our working environment “ explained John Whitaker, Watch Manager, Cleveland Fire Brigade.

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