Thinking Space welcomes a new apprentice

After completing a brief introductory period over the past few weeks, we welcome Connor Kester to Thinking Space, who joins us as a new apprentice.

As part of the Eastleigh College Apprenticeship Scheme, Connor’s apprenticeship will be for two years, during which time he will develop an understanding of the entire process from marketing and sales through to manufacture and installation of the final product. Completing training across all departments of the company is a great way to help Connor not only understand the different roles within a single company, but also to gain a better grasp of the challenges each department faces in achieving their own targets.

Prior to joining the company, Connor completed 2 years at Eastleigh College where he studied a level 2 Performing Engineering Operation (PEO) in his first year and a level 3 BTEC and extended Diploma in Engineering in his second. This has given him the background he requires to carry out his current training, which includes manufacturing Thinking Space consoles. To make further use of his existing skills, Connor will shortly be trained in using the CNC machine, before progressing to other departments.

Connor has enjoyed his first month with the company immensely, stating that he is ‘loving it’. We hope you enjoy being a part of the team and continue to move forward with your training!

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