Employee of the Month for September 2016

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Our “Employee of the Month” for September has been awarded to Steve Jacobs, who has been nominated for the award on the basis that he had continually worked above what was required of him to ensure that projects were completed both on time and to a satisfactory standard.

As with a number of our staff, Steve is part of our on-site installation team, who are responsible for ensuring that consoles are assembled correctly at the project site. However, Steve showed true spirit when he willingly gave up his evenings over the course of an entire week to stay overnight to complete urgent jobs.

On top of this, Steve persevered despite returning to HQ late in the evening and starting early the next morning, joining other staff members heading out to London with a van full of Thinking Space furniture that needed to be constructed.

We thank him for his hard work and dedication to a job well done. We hope you have caught up on your rest and are ready to tackle all of the new trips coming your way…

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