It’s the four Steves

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Last week, our quarterly sales meeting was firmly on the agenda.  So, as all the sales team gathered at HQ for the meeting, it became apparent that we had some introductions to make… Steve Taylor had yet to meet Steve Hooper!

Both had been working within the same department but because of both being based remotely and retailing different product lines, the two had yet to be in the same place at the same time since Steve Taylor joined the company back in August.

But why have two Steve when you can have four?

So meet the four Steves.

Across the other departments, our two other Steves – Steve Jacobs in production and Employee of the Month for September, and Steve Neville from the design office, joined in the fun for a photo opportunity. Rounding up the crew, the team posed for a shot, well on their way to being a proper ‘squad’ of Steves. But just to set the record straight…we don’t just employ Steves, all applicants are welcome!

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  • Neil Walker

    That’s a great photo of Steve may I say. I am sure he will like it.

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