Neil’s birthday cake bonanza

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After finding his “inner baker” during our ‘Bake-off’ fundraiser earlier in the year, Neil decided to mark an iconic day, his birthday, with a birthday cake bonanza.

Offering a selection to please all, Neil lovingly made four delicious cakes. His usual speciality and introducing a new combination, we were to be his taste testers.

The traditional fruit cake, a Walker family recipe passed down, suits those who want the version which will cause the least amount of guilt while also being pretty tasty! However the other three, which consist of double tiers and thick, creamy icing, look good enough to tempt even the strictest dietitian! Covered in a range of sprinkles, milk chocolate buttons and marshmallows, the chocolate and strawberry monsters will be gone before we know it.

Thank you for the delicious cakes Neil, we hope you have a fantastic birthday.

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  • Neil Walker

    Wow, no one told me it was his birthday

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