Beanie Hat Selfie Winner is revealed

On Friday night, it was the moment of truth as we all eagerly awaited the results of the Beanie Hat Challenge.

The staff competition, launched back in the summer months, had us all taking selfies with our Thinking Space beanie hat on. The aim?  To capture our branded beanie hat on camera in an unusual location or environment. Started by our sales team here, the competition soon took hold and there were even multiple entries by some.

The team gave it their all. From Sydney Opera House, to Scotland. From prestigious cruise ships to river barges. From onshore at the Southampton boat show to “on the high seas”. The creativity amongst us was astounding.

After much deliberation from nominations and debate amongst judges, we decided that the team member who deserved to be crowned winner,  was….

…Neil Walker, with his winning photograph depicting his beanie hat underwater during a scuba-diving session.

Well done Neil, we salute you as selfie king for 2016

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