And the Total is…

2017 has arrived and with it, so has the opportunity for us to total up all donations accumulated over the last 11 months in support of our nominated charity of 2016, the Romsey Young Carers.

And the total is...


New data compiled from a survey conducted by the BBC has found that almost 133,000 children within the UK are not recognised as young carers (find out more here). However, as a role that can be not only physically exhausting, but mentally too, additional support can make a very big difference. Whether it is moral support provided in the form of children talking through their feelings with people who truly understand, or afterschool activities which allow children to spend quality time with other kids, it can highly effective in boosting a child’s morale. The Romsey Young Carers is a charity that is dedicated to meeting these needs for children who haven’t yet been recognised by local authorities, aiming to help them in any way they can.

Truly inspired by the work the charity is responsible for, Thinking Space has been honoured to help raise money which could contribute to their goal by undertaking a variety of fundraising initiatives over the last year.

An effort we are truly proud of, other charity events were also held throughout the year by dedicated staff members. The Pink Day raised £150.23 for Breast Cancer Awareness whilst Movember raised £165 for Men’s Mental Health Awareness, bringing the company total to over an astonishing £1450!

A big "thank you" to everyone who has donated money to these charities. We will soon be appointing our annual charity for 2017, so keep an eye on the blog for the announcement!

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