New radar consoles for Leeds Bradford Airport

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Thinking Space were recently tasked with providing brand new radar consoles for a newly refurbished radar room at Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA), the 16th busiest airport in the UK. In a complex room shape below the main control tower, with sloping faceted windows and a sloping door, Thinking Space had to ascertain which operators had to touch, reach and view what.  This helped Thinking Space, working with LBA’s technicians, to establish a workable design to fit within the envelope of the room, of which future expansions and futureproofing was key.

The old style fully enclosed consoles were replaced with a new open framework console for four operators, creating more space and light and coordinating with the new décor of the room. PIP housings and equipment pods were specifically designed, as well as a mobile flight strip printer trolley for the room. With access via a narrow flight of stairs, the Thinking Space console was sized accordingly, with parts transported and re-assembled once in the radar room space.

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