Thinking Space Charity T-shirt day 2017

Wear Your T-Shirt To Work Day

To commemorate all those who have been affected by Cancer, we kicked off our first charity event for 2017 supporting our chosen charity for the year Jane Scarth House, with ‘Wear your T-shirt to Work’ on World Cancer Day on 3rd February.

We recently announced that our Charity for 2017 would be Jane Scarth House, a local charity dedicated to helping those whose lives had been affected by Cancer cope with the situations they had been through or were facing. So with a direct link between the day of awareness and our charity, everyone was asked to wear a t-shirt from their past, displaying a band they liked, a sports team they supported, or something along a similar vein of thought, for a small donation.

And when the time came, there were bands, sports teams and even old movies. Proud of their choices, we had employees representing football clubs such as Barcelona F.C. and more locally based, Southampton F.C. We saw displays of rugby nations such as South Africa and current movie themes from Straight Outta Compton and Star Wars. And lastly, sticking to the original suggestion, bands such as Level 42, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Depeche Mode.

So with the donations added to our running charity ‘pot’, we eagerly await our next event and the chance to continue to contribute to our new charity…

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