giants and big heads image at World ATM Congress

Giants and big heads

Today at the World ATM Congress Exhibition in Madrid, our international team had to cope with some surprisingly large visitors to our stand. The exhibition organisers had arranged a little light entertainment to get the party started and created a typical Spanish festival interlude, known as “gigantes y cabezudos”, or “giants and big heads”.

The giants parading around the venue were several metres tall. Traditionally they are hollow figures containing the puppeteer, with head and arms made of paper maché with a body frame made of wood or aluminium covered with a mixture of papier-mâché and plaster of paris.

The ensemble, which included a king and a jester, certainly created a buzz around the exhibition hall as they went on their way. And of course, our warm, friendly team welcomed them to our stand with open arms…if they could reach them of course!

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