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Thinking Space have been busy in the factory this week March 31st, with the completion of an array of distinctive projects, many of which have an emphasis on the diverse applications for our Evolution Media Wall. With particular uses across the Security, Plant and Process and Air Traffic Control sectors this week, our bespoke solution for large screen monitor mounting provide a wealth of possibilities. Here is our round-up of the latest projects found “on the shop floor”.

A process control room project is currently being manufactured, which amalgamates Evolution, Novus, Kanya and of course, the Thinking Space Core Assembly System. Working to a staggered schedule, six multi-functional operator consoles are required in total, each with a fully integrated media wall to mount three 65 inch monitors.

A wall mounted Evolution media wall is currently being manufactured for an ATC client. The media wall will house eighteen 21.5 inch monitors in the same room as the previously installed Media Wall and three operator consoles.

A Security sector project next, Thinking Space are due to commence a project for the control room at the University of Kent. Prompted by a re-modelling of the existing room, the project includes a 2 operator console and an Evolution Media Wall. With one position actuated, the user will be able to utilise our sit /stand feature to promote positive health benefits and comply with DDA regulations. The media wall will be used to house eight 42 inch screens, in a configuration of 4 screens across and 2 screens down.

The factory has also been stacked high with storage cabinets for another security project, this one being completed for an Alarm Receiving Centre in the north of the country. A purpose-built facility that was specified with the technical furniture limitations of their previous facility in mind, the new control room will also hold three consoles each approximately 5 metres in length and a 20 screen Evolution Media Wall. Placed at the front of the room and the focal point of the three consoles, two rows of ten 42 inch monitors will display important information for the six workstations. With aesthetics playing an important part in the re-modelling of the room, the consoles will feature curved end panels with company logos on specific areas and blue LED under-desk lighting. To ensure storage is sufficient, each console will have desk height storage units and Novus desk accessories to house the 5 monitors required per operator.

Just another busy day in our factory…


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