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This week, Thinking Space have played host to two students from Mountbatten Secondary School in Romsey, as part of ‘Student Placement Week’. With the aim being to help students make educated decisions about their future, Nathan and Jenson joined us to find out more about the manufacturing industry.

Nathan, whose GCSE choices highlighted this interest, was looking forward to being taught about the vital role the design office plays in creating consoles here at Thinking Space. Upon learning the ‘tricks of the trade’, he has expressed an interest in the design work associated with creating manufacturing drawings, which are used by the workshop staff to understand how each bespoke console will need to be constructed.

Meanwhile Jenson got to grips with using the manufacturing drawings to build the custom-designed consoles. He stated “I have enjoyed being given a drawing and just getting to work, putting it all together”, noting that he liked the idea of ‘creating’ something.

Wanting to ensure both Nathan and Jenson understood the full process, they were then asked to create a coffee table, with the support of our staff. Producing the models and drawings in Inventor, they then programmed the CNC machine to cut the table tops to the correct size and awaited their completion. As the remaining parts were pre-cut and pre-drilled, they could move on to the next steps, which involved assembling the frame, fitting the worktop and adding the nosing. They completed their workpieces with a TSS label and inspection by their Project Manager, proudly displaying their end product in the factory, before taking them home as a keepsake.

With a lot of different job roles highlighted during their time here, we hope Nathan and Jenson have enjoyed their experience working at Thinking Space and that this opportunity has helped clarify where they want their future to lead them.

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