Our Fundraising Update

As April draws to a close, our various charity events come closer and provide an opportunity for everyone to get involved, whether their passion lies in physical activity or in eating. So here's our fundraising update...


The ‘Great Thinking Space Bake-Off’ has been taking place weekly throughout April and the final awaits us on Wednesday. Our four finalists are Connor, Alastair, Amrit and Matt, with Steve Taylor from our remote sales team joining them as guest baker.

When discussing the competition, Connor spoke about how he used to bake regularly and said this event has inspired him to get back into the hobby. Egging the others on with his fighting talk, he declared “of course I want to win”. Similarly, Matt is not taking the contest lightly, stating he “hopes he can impress the judges again” with a quiet confidence that also results from his experience in the kitchen.

The opposite of cool and calm, Alastair and Amrit are hoping they can fluke another creation! Apprentices when it comes to baking, the two of them have indicated their focus is on originality. Alastair explained he wants to bake a cake which has never been created in the competition before whilst Amrit describes how she wants to try to think outside of the box for her themed creation.

A tough job for the judges, so it is just as well that we have arranged a guest judge from Jane Scarth House to join the regular line-up. Wendy Morrish will be sampling our delights here at Thinking Space, and we're hoping to raise lots to support their charity.

The winner will be revealed tomorrow...


The Romsey Relay Marathon is taking place on Sunday 14th May, made up of a team of 10 runners, with the final team now chosen. A fair hike at 2.6 miles per runner, we've been catching up on how members of the team have been training for the event.

Emma spoke about her daily bike riding efforts which incorporate 4.5 mile round trip each morning before she begins work, as well as long walks when the weather permits.

Our football fanatic Patrick plays weekly with other members of the team such as Paul Roberts at our company five-a-side matches on Tuesdays, as well as league football with his local club on the weekend.

Using it to prepare for an even larger event later this year, Tina has been practicing every weekend and showing her dedication to the event by ensuring she completes 2.6 miles.

And this year, we have two couples within the team, so a little friendly competition between themselves for the best combined time. Antonio and his girlfriend Bea will run, as will Matt and his girlfriend Sarah, for an inter-design rivalry – who will take the title of ‘the fastest designer or designer-duo?’

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved in our charity events or keep a close eye on the blog to stay updated on how things are progressing. If you would like to donate, please visit:

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