University of Leicester security control room furniture by Thinking Space Systems

“Back to school” at the University of Leicester

Back in July 2015, Thinking Space Systems completed a security control room upgrade project at the University of Leicester, and last week, we went “back to school” by returning to the control room to see the room in action.

The previous control room was dark and cramped and the working area for operators was limited and took no account of ergonomics and British Standards for control room environments. After meeting at the AUCSO conference in 2008, we worked with the security team at the university to design their ideal environment which would allow for flexibility as their needs changed.

A complete upgrade of the control room including furniture was undertaken with a main console provided, suitable for two operators. Each operator was provided with Novus monitor mounts, located in the Moni-Trak perfect positioning rail along the length of the console. A shared radio/gate control pod was provided on the desktop to centralise all radio base stations in the tiered unit. A second console was installed with its function being a review console, where a supervisor position could be accommodated. As well as lockable storage within the room, we provided a custom designed Evolution media wall to mount 8 large flat screen monitors, creating the main focus of the control room and its operators.

The university of Leicester is steeped in history, having being founded in 1921 as a memorial to the Great War after serving as a military hospital.  In the 1970’s, the Stellar black hole was identified. In 1984, genetic fingerprinting was invented. In the 2012 the discovery of the remains of the King of England, Richard III were found buried under a car park.

Since the room was completed, the security team at the university have looked after the security and welfare of some 56,000 students on campus’ s across the city.

Read our previous article after the control room was completed.

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