Parramatta Operations Centre Update

In 2014, Thinking Space Systems Pty Ltd completed the installation of control room furniture at the new Operations Centre purpose-built for Parramatta City Council. Three years on and the Parramatta Operations Centre is continuing in their quest to provide a safer city for its’ residents as reported recently in the  Daily Telegraph.

The CCTV control room is now boasting a network of 55 high definition surveillance cameras to monitor, which were provided in a rolling programme of improvements to public safety and security within the suburb of Sydney. As part of this ongoing project, it is reported that the coverage is about to be boosted with a further 60 cameras, 49 of them within the restaurant strip of Church Street. In addition, surveillance is about to be upgraded to 24/7 shortly to provide a safer city.

The new control room within the operations centre was designed by Thinking Space, who understand the demands such environments have on operators and their equipment. Their designs allowed for the increase in equipment and surveillance requirements due to the rolling programme, and as 24/7 environment experts, all ergonomic requirements have been incorporated into the new control room.

The furniture provided for the new control room was a twin operator console with two separate single operator consoles, along with an Evolution media wall. All were designed, manufactured and exported from the United Kingdom to local company Thinking Space Systems Pty Ltd, who then expertly installed the furniture on site to the satisfaction of the client. Since the installation, local manufacturing facilities have now been set up, and all furniture is being manufactured and installed.

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