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Fishy Tales at the Sales Team Social

There were plenty of fishy tales to be had at the Sales Team Social this week. On Tuesday, we gathered for our usual quarterly meeting but with two new members to welcome. Gary Peters had joined the company as Novus Sales Manager in July, and Barry Cox, who moved roles within the company and is now our Sales and Marketing Assistant, joined the team too. After our warm welcomes, it was down to business with a planned social evening at the back of our minds.

So, later that evening, we headed into Romsey for a meal at The Olive Tree. With many an enticing dish on the menu, it appeared that most of us chose some form of fish dish…apart from Neil, whose dislike of fish left him “flounder”ing for a menu choice. Jason also had a strange choice, he opted for an omelette but was also quite happy to finish any leftovers up for grabs…well, we are a close team after all! The rest of us lapped up mussels, cod, swordfish and scallops and the food certainly did not disappoint. With the swapping of stories as well as a few fishy tales going around, we had a good giggle and got to know our new colleagues a little better too.

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