Wearing It Pink...Again!

It's that time of year ...we're wearing it pink again!

On Friday, we begged, borrowed and purchased pink items of clothing for the day to support the national event, "Wear it Pink".

So, with pink shirts,  leggings,  dresses,  tutus and even hair, everyone participated by "donning the pink".

And for those who had forgotten, we had plenty of reserve items to go around so that everyone could join in the fun.

Also on the agenda for the day,  Suzanne and Neil baked some delicious pink treats for staff to buy and at lunchtime we held a pink raffle with some rather amusing prizes.

Wayne, in particular, struck lucky with his win... a pair of pink hippo bookends! Now, didn't we see those last year?

But it all for a good cause..Breast Cancer Awareness

This is now one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK, held annually and supported by businesses, colleges, schools and communities countrywide. Since 2002, over £30 million has been raised to provide life-saving research into the disease.

So we're proud to have raised over £85 for the charity this year, well done to everyone for taking part!


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