Choosing your 24/7 Operator Chair

In demanding 24/7 working environments, your choice of seating is paramount to be able to offer the same level of comfort and ergonomics to suit all different body types. So, what do you look for when choosing your 24/7 operator chair?

Heavy duty 24/7 operator chairs are built to accommodate operators in all shapes and sizes, provide extra support when sitting for longer periods, be adjustable and adaptable for each operator as well as being built to last.

How to choose a 24/7 operator chair

Adjustable backrests

  • The backrest must be able to be adjusted for low or high back support to allow for your individual body shape/height
  • The backrest should be shaped to allow for adequate movement of arms and shoulders
  • The backrest should provide an upright seating position, creating an upright posture for the operator to promote better breathing. This in turn improves blood oxygenation and circulation, improving alertness for operators
  • A lumbar support cushion will provide additional support to the lower back

Adjustable seat

  • Look for a seat in a cooling material, such as wool or mesh, which provides better ventilation and creates a cooler seating experience.
  • A waterfall edge to the seat reduces pressure on the underside of the thighs, improving circulation
  • A few simple movements is all that should be needed to adjust the seating position whilst seated, with many chairs having pictorial instructions for ease of use
  • Ensure the seat height is correct to improve blood circulation to the legs whilst the seat depth improves support
  • A tilt mechanism feature allows for the chair to be locked to follow your every movement rather than exerting energy moving the chair each time


  • Durability is key, so a chair clearly identified as 24/7 compatible is a must
  • All seat pads should be replaceable, to increase the life span of the chair and thereby reducing the cost of replacing the whole chair
  • Look for a chair warranty of at least 5 years for 24/7 chair usage


  • Aesthetics are important to an operators wellbeing. Provide employees with the correct tools and they are motivated in their work and have pride in their workplace. Optional extras allow for personalisation. A headrest is an optional extra and provides adjustable support to the neck relieving tension through the whole body. Personalise this by branding the headrest with an embroidered logo. Other optional extras include  memory foam and coccyx cut out seat pads, as well as 3D arm rests to improve comfort.

The benefits to your organisation

  • Increased performance for operators, with less fatigue and greater alertness
  • Prevention of injury from musculoskeletal disorders, reducing sickness and absenteeism costs
  • Lower costs of ownership as chair componants can be replaced rather than the whole chair

The Thinking Space solution

Control room experts Thinking Space offers two solutions for control room chairs which are specifically designed for 24/7 performance and  have been tested to EN-1335.

 Ergohuman chair from Mesh

Mixing comfort with technology, the Ergohuman chair offers ergonomic features for constant back and lumbar support, multi adjustable armrest and a height adjustable headrest. The constant airflow keeps you cool, thanks to the mesh upholstery.

mesh ergohuman 24-7 chair

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RH 400 logic 24 hour chair from Flokk

This high performance chair comes with standard lumbar pump for increased lower back support, castors for soft floors and a range of options including neckrests and armrests.

RH400 Control Room chair

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