How to Choose your Monitor Mounting Solution

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Novus are market leaders in ergonomic mounting solutions for monitors with their MoreSpace products. They combine seamlessly to create a multitude of space-saving solutions at your desk. As sole UK distributor, Novus UK have a great selection of solutions, with nearly 50 monitor arm/bracket models to choose from and with most models available in stock at our factory in Hampshire:

  • Novus MY range is suitable for lighter weight monitor mounting
  • Novus TSS is for heavier weight and multiple screen mounting
  • Novus LiftTEC offers monitor arms with gas spring technology for easy moving and repositioning of your monitor.
  • ScreenMount range offers floor, wall and ceiling mounted options for large heavy screens up to 70 inches.

So with all that choice, we’re often asked “how do I choose the monitor mount that is right for me?”.

By answering a series of questions contained in our step by step guide in the infographic, we can direct you to the most applicable solution.

How to choose your monitor mount

  1. How many screens are you looking to place?

Novus provides the capacity to create single, double or multiple mounting solutions with particular ranges. For mounting two screens together, there are double monitor arms solutions in the MY, LiftTEC and TSS ranges. Alternatively, the MY, TSS and LiftTEC ranges allows for the mounting of two monitor arms together using column supports.

The TSS range is suitable for multiple screen mounting using column supports.Banks of screens can be provided to create that effect whilst still providing ergonomic viewing.

  1. How heavy is each screen?

The standard 24 inch screen for usual office environments would usually be within the weight limit for the Novus MY range and offers a cost-effective, ergonomic experience. If it’s a gas assisted monitor arm you require, it is important to choose the correct model for the weight of the screen; choose between 2-8kg and 7-15kg ranges. Otherwise, the TSS range gives the most flexibility for weight  and positioning and is ideal for control rooms, trading rooms etc. where multiple occupants as well as screens are required. For large flat screens up to 70 inches, the ScreenMount range is most suitable.

  1. Where are you looking to mount your monitors(s)?

Wall mounted solutions are available using wall mounted columns to fix the monitor arm/bracket to, available in the MY and TSS ranges. The LiftTEC range provides a wall fixing combined within the monitor arm. The ScreenMount provides a heavy-duty wall fixing option for large, heavy screens.

Floor and ceiling mounted options in the TSS and ScreenMount ranges offers displays suitable for receptions, exhibitions, conferences, even airports.

For offices, the most common form of mounting is on the desk itself.

  1. How to build a desk mount

By making three choices, a desk mounted solution can be easily achieved.

  • Choose your standard column length – whilst we do also offer customised lengths, the standard size of column support is either 445mm, 545mm or 890mm.
  • Choose your column fixing – a desk clamp is recommended for lighter weight solutions, otherwise we recommend the drilling screw fitting, which requires drilling into the desk to achieve a sturdy solution. Alternatively, using the cable port of the desk as the fixing method avoids the need to drill into the desk and still provides that level of security for heavier weight options.
  • Choose your monitor arm – a number of arms are available within each range, from simple supporting arms, to one, two and three part arms for ultimate positioning.

Mixing and matching

A question we’re often asked, as the products are designed to combine together to create workspace efficiency but not at the cost of stability. Usual matches are Novus MY arms, including tablet holder, which can be mounted on a TSS support column. LiftTEC arms can also be mounted onto a TSS support column using a column adapter.

Product combinations

Novus MoreSpace fits perfectly with other product ranges offered by parent company Thinking Space Systems, who provide custom designed ergonomic solutions for working environments. Larger screen mounts, equipment mounts and supports using the Kanya aluminium profile system, the Evolution media wall, or even the Core Assembly System can be designed and manufactured to your individual requirements to create truly bespoke solutions. Thinking Space consoles can be fitted with the Moni-Trak perfect positioning rail, which uses Novus monitor mounts flexibility along the console length to mount your screens.

Find out more about our clever combinations.


We have a sales team with over eight years’ experience in selling the Novus product range here at Thinking Space Systems. We offer consultations for your project to find the most appropriate solution for you.

For further information including the full range of desk accessories, visit our website or get in touch with us for advice, a quotation or to order your monitor mounts.

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